Businesswoman Feature

Rebecca Lafevers

State Farm Insurance Agent

About Rebecca

“I started my first business when I was 23, it was an insurance agency with American National. I was recruited by State Farm and opened that agency from scratch when I was 25 in 2008. State Farm offers over one hundred products; we protect customers’ homes, cars, lives, retirement accounts, and even income by putting plans in place before the unthinkable happens!”

Hobbies & Family

Rebecca is a third generation Sapulpan and is married to a third generation Sapulpan as well. They both come from a family of entrepreneurs. She has been married to her husband Jon for 18 years and has two daughters, Molly and Reagan. She spends a lot of time with her kids, but Rebecca and her husband “love to golf” so when they find free time they run to the course every chance they get!  

She says “We love attending the Way Church and I’m passionate about our non-profit called Place of Refuge that I helped cofound and serve as Secretary for the Salvation Army Advisory Council.”

Favorite Fashion & Fashion Season

“Can I pick athleisure? Seriously, when I’m not in work clothes I love cute joggers. Workwise, I wear dark jeans and blazers or silky shirts. I am loving the ‘vegan’ leather joggers/pants and wide leg jeans! I feel best wearing flared pants, sweaters, and nothing super baggy.”

“I went through a House of Colour consult and found I am a Winter so I am trying to shop in those brighter, more contrasting colors. I have always been a little plain and love a good black/navy/white/gray combo so this new style has pushed me to try new colors!”

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